“In The Time of The Dented-Pan & The Strange Quiet”

My first illustrated book is now available for purchase.

Allan Rosen-Ducat


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“In The Time of The Dented – Pan & the Strange Quiet” is published and available for purchase from the following links.

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Who was the greatest moose that ever lived? Well, there once was a handsome and brilliant moose, and while sometimes he smelled a bit pungent, his hearing and problem-solving skill sets were off the charts; for a moose. Mashuga Moose was the Sherlock Holmes of the Maine woods. When the human world went quiet from the Global Pandemic, and the impact became evident to even the woodland creatures, Mashuga Moose thought, “Maybe I can help.”

 “In the Time of the Dented-Pan and the Strange Quiet” is an illustrated children’s book about a moose who wakes up one morning to find that the world had changed overnight. Like most wild animals, Mashuga Moose had been taught to stay safe by listening to human sounds. The “Strange Quiet” made Mashuga Moose feel afraid, anxious, and lonely. Despite his fears, Mashuga Moose knew that to protect his herd, he would have to journey around the lake to “town;” he had to find out what had happened to the humans.