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Moose Think He’s Funny

Becoming a comedic North American Moose

I began illustrating Mashuga, and his moose buddies, many years ago, I had been thinking of opening a Mashuga Moose Cookie store. 

Then COVID-19 rolled into town in April while I was preparing to publish my first Mashuga Moose book. Without question or delay, I decided to put the other project aside and illustrate a series of stories about Mashuga confronting the reality of the pandemic.

I  children’s book series that might help kids talk about the COVID-19 pandemic. The illustrations present the visual story from the point of view of a Moose.  plenty of “sweet n’ funny tidbits” dads and moms will enjoy the embedded adult chuckles.

Mashuga and I speak quite often; he used to feel insecure about being different, it took a while, but with work, he doesn’t apologize anymore. He’s really silly, he can’t help himself, Mashuga believes in laughter, I think Mashuga is right, being able to make people laugh is a blessing.


Humans and Moose alike ask me all the time, “was Mashuga Moose the greatest moose that ever lived?” I tell them, “He was handsome, and yes, he was brilliant for a moose, his sense of smell and hearing weren’t that outstanding compared to typical Moose, but his logical problem-solving skill sets were off the charts. That Moose had a wicked good secret that only a few other Moose knew. Mashuga is off on an adventure, join him, you’ll be glad you did..

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Mashuga wanted spring to come, he didn’t want to deal with the biting insects.  He was resigned to the fact that spring meant mud and biting bugs.

– From the Moose Story

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