The Land of Make Believe Map- Remastered




This packaged  arrives packaged in a white metal box with the puzzle image printed on the tin’s lid. The puzzle pieces fit together nicely. The print quality is detailed, and the colors are vibrant. The puzzle should last for a lifetime. A puzzle this large and with this many pieces is a complex puzzle to complete; it is a challenging effort, well worth the time invested. The puzzle is available in a variety of sizes, materials, and number of pieces. Please message us through our contact page if you wish to inquire about other product types.  Puzzles may be purchased through our online store via the button link below.


Map Detail

The Castle Where the Giants Live

The Castle Where The Giants Live


The Compass Rose

The Dilatory SHip That Never Returns

One of the Dilatory Ships that Never Return

Humpty-Dumpty Had That Great Fall

The Castle Where Sleeping Beauty Sleeps

The Dancers